Super friendly people, they really are a caring group!
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aimee west
01:26 05 Sep 21
Extremely professional staff & outstanding attorneys that really care
Adolfo Lambert
Adolfo Lambert
04:36 31 Aug 21
Everyone was absolutely great! They actually showed some sympathy to our situation and I believe caring goes a long way especially when you’re already feeling down due to an accident. They ensured we received the care we needed. Shout out to Stephanie Ibarra! She was my main point of contact and it was always a pleasure speaking with her. Friendly, fast, and efficient. Love these guys!
Kemberly Cortez
Kemberly Cortez
22:37 19 Aug 21
I have the best experience ever with Carabin & shaw and Mr Bates, when I had my accident back to August 2018 at that moment I hired different attorneys firm that had my case cold until March 2020 when I fired them and look to Carabin & Saw direccion and in the very first moment the started with my case with professionalism, transparency and to be honest with you, nothing I says will be enough to express how happy I am with Carabin and Shaw, I will recommend you to consider your options when you need an attorney.I hope newer needs to go through this kind of process any more because is very difficult for all the parties involved even more for who's been affected financially and also injured by the accident but if I need someone who is going to fight for my rights that law firm is going to be Carabin & Shaw
Roberto Perez Diaz
Roberto Perez Diaz
17:12 29 Apr 21
I have had nothing but a positive experience with the CS team. I appreciate Mrs. Ibarra taking time to explain the process and what to expect. She has a way to make you feel valued and conveys empathy. Her professionalism and dedication deserves recognition. I could not have made it this far in the process without her patience and and professionalism.
G. McKendrick
G. McKendrick
02:04 17 Apr 21
Jamie took my case and it wasn’t a easy one . He was compassionate to me and got me help. I am forever grateful. You have to appreciate a good lawyer . I just dealt with a bad lawyer who doesn’t care about you it was all about money. Jamie was by far honest and helpful he was also going to cut his fee because he wanted to help me . Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Forever grateful. Kimberleigh Horton
Kim Gann
Kim Gann
12:19 10 Apr 21
This is a great company. Everyone is so wonderful. They are easy to get a hold to and are very timely on responding back as well as keeping you updated. Unfortunately I’ve been in two incidents with the last two years and both incidents I’ve used them as my legal representation. I have nothing, but wonderful things to say about these guys. If I were ever to be involved in another incident they would be my first call most definitely. I would recommend any and every one in need of legal representation to come here.!
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Frederickea L
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Such a professional business with great phone etiquette manners. They are so responsive, and are willing to answer all the questions you may have. I highly recommend Carabin Shaw-Victoria for the best Attorney needs!
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Maythy Camacho
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This firm stands by doing the best they can for customers. They have a great team of people that will help evaluate your injury and tell you what they can do to help. I have been impressed with how confident and straightforward this firm was to me. I will always recommend them because they stand by what they do for customers.
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Elisa Nunez
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Recently had the opportunity to contact Carabin & Shaw due to some legal advice and was impressed with how responsive and fast they were to help. They were able to point me to the right direction and get me someone that could handle my case even though it wasn’t an auto accident. If your looking for legal advice I would contact them because they were able to help me.
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Donna Ferrell
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Liam Salinas
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This law firm is by far the best I have ever encountered. I am astonished at their dedication to helping those in need. I also give a lot of respect to Mr. Shaw for his participation in the community and his back the blue mindset! I recommend Carabin Shaw to all my friends and family!
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Roland Sanchez
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Absolutely love the staff. Very responsive, helpful and very respectful. I would recommend Carabin Shaw over and over again to anyone and everyone. They take care of their clients and get things done! 5 stars!
Destiny Rodriguez
Destiny Rodriguez
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I was involved in a major crash with a drunk driver. A friend of mine referred me to Carabin & Shaw and after the first call I made, my case was taken care of immediately by the staff.Mr Joey Echavaria DEFINITELY gets 5 stars for being professional and knowledgeable with the case. I'm very satisfied with the outcome and give thanks to Carabin & Shaw for having top notch counsel working for this excellent law firm.
Mario Enriquez
Mario Enriquez
04:10 04 Dec 20

bus accident attorneys dallas

Bus Accident Attorneys Dallas

Litigation Involving Bus Companies

Many bus accidents can lead to disabling injuries, massive medical bills, and or death. A wide variety of factors can come into play and result in a bus accident, and most of them aren’t the victim’s fault, obviously. Some of these factors include the negligence of the driver, tiered drivers, a poorly maintained bus, hazardous road conditions, broken or faulty parts (such as windows or seats), dangerous driving as it relates to weather conditions or improperly planned routes.

How our Dallas Attorneys Can Help You?

It doesn’t matter how you were injured in a Dallas bus accident, whether you were a pedestrian, bus passenger or the driver of a car hit by the bus; you could be eligible to receive compensation for the injury. The attorneys at our Law Offices have successfully tried many bus accidents throughout the state of Texas, and we can help you as well. You can seek legal action against several different entities involved in the accident, our Dallas Attorneys have 25 years of experience making sure those responsible for bus accidents are held accountable. Bus operators owe you a legal duty of care in ensuring your safety. When the driver of the bus causes an accident that results in injury or death, that duty has been violated. Thus, the injury victim or family member have grounds to pursue litigation in an attempt to obtain monetary compensation for the injuries, pain and suffering and any and all losses that have been incurred.

As long as damages have been incurred, you can pursue restitution, even if the cause of those damages was a public entity such as a local government agency. There are several distinct differences between public bus owners and private bus companies. A bus line run by a public entity often enjoys protection from some types of legal action on account of laws that give governmental agencies some basic immunity from lawsuits filed by private citizens. But that doesn’t automatically mean you don’t have a claim. In certain instances, you may be able to file a claim against the public agency responsible for your injury. However, it takes the skill and experience of our Dallas bus accident attorneys to ascertain that liability through an investigation.

The many varieties of devastating injuries that can result from a bus accident include brain and spinal cord injuries, burn injuries and bone fractures. Injury victims can incur huge medical expenses. Some may not be able to return to work because of their injury. The bus accident attorneys at our Dallas Law Office will work tirelessly to ensure our clients get the just compensation they deserve to get their lives back on track.

Why Do Bus Accidents Happen?

Buses are, by nature, not only very heavy and big, but awkward to drive as well. Even under the best conditions, they can be very difficult to operate. Combine that awkwardness with a poorly trained or novice driver, and you have the potential for disaster. Experienced drivers can be overworked or easily distracted, leading to an accident. We have even seen accidents caused by bus drivers who were drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Often times, an accident is caused by a poorly maintained bus. Because a bus is so large and generates so much momentum, its braking system has to continuously be in top working order. But this and other maintenance work means that the bus is not on the road, and not generating revenue. So some bus owners may choose to overlook maintenance issues, and that can cause massive problems.

Other factors in bus accidents include improperly planned routes, hazardous road conditions, and buses overloaded with either passengers or cargo. We have even seen instances where the absence of safety equipment played a role in injuries occurring. Our attorneys will conduct a detailed investigation of the bus accident that injured you to make sure that all parties involved are held responsible and that all liable parties pay.

But it’s often not as simple to determine those liable parties as you may think. The reason is that most of the time, there are several people and entities that may share liability. Bus drivers can be reckless, careless or flat-out incompetent. They might run stop lights, ignore traffic warnings and conditions, speed, or make dangerously illegal turns. They, and the companies that employ them, are but two of the potentially liable parties.

The owner of a private bus line is easier to place liability on than is a governmental agency that owns a bus involved in an accident that causes an injury. In the eyes of the law in most states, owners of private buses are referred to as “common carriers.” As such, they have a higher level of responsibility when they are on the road. They have to show a higher level of care in protecting not only their own passengers but also other motorists on the road. It is typically fairly easy to establish liability toward a common carrier. When a governmental authority owns or operates a bus, however, it is much more difficult. Even when it is obvious such a bus is to blame for an accident, governmental immunity can make pursuing legal action nearly impossible. In this kind of instance, it is critical that you have our experienced bus accident attorneys working to protect your rights.

Gathering Evidence and Conducting an Investigation

Since you, the plaintiff, bears the burden of proof in your case, you have to have evidence to establish that proof. Investigations not only help determine the cause of the accident but also who was at fault. There could have been several motorists also involved in the crash they may have played a role in its cause. The improper maintenance of the bus could have been the main cause. Without an investigation, however, there might be no way of making sure who needs to be held liable in your case. With one, however, you can rest assured the truth will be uncovered and the necessary evidence provided to satisfy your burden of proof.

Our Law Offices have a group of experienced and effective investigators who know how to gather evidence, such as 911 call recordings, potential video footage or photographs, and physical evidence from the bus or accident scene. They also know how to look for the employment records and drug test results of drivers, and the know-how to examine and categorize all of that evidence in order to fully support your case. You have to have compelling evidence to have any chance at winning your case – without it, you have no shot. We can bring forth that necessary evidence, either to compel the defendant to offer a fair settlement, or to use it against that defendant in a trial. And there is no out-of-pocket charge for this service for the client.

We know you have experienced severe trauma, and since an investigation launched into the cause of your Dallas bus accident might be one of the farthest things from your mind at this time. But you have to know that the defense is already marshaling forces to defeat your case, and part of that entails conducting their own investigation. They do so immediately after an accident occurs so that they can gather the evidence before it disappears, as so often happens in these kinds of cases. Changing weather conditions or a clean up at the scene are but two factors that play a role in the loss of evidence; the defense team knows that the best evidence only lasts for a short time, and they have already acted to gather it. That is why you need to act just as quickly as you can to find an attorney; the more time it takes for you to seek legal help, the less of a chance you have to win your case. That’s unfortunate, but it’s a cold, hard fact.

The Four Elements of a Successful Dallas Bus Accident Case

In order to win a case, you have to prove four legal elements: duty, breach, causation, and damages. In legal terms, you are owed a “duty of care” by others not to be harmed, just as you owe that duty of care to everyone else. Basically, that means you have a duty not to expose other people to the harm that may be inherent in the actions you take. If you’re driving, you owe a duty of care to your fellow motorists to drive in a safe manner, and they owe that same duty of care to you. In the case of your bus accident, it is the duty of the driver to pay attention to all traffic warning signs, obey all traffic laws, not speed, and not be fatigued, distracted, or under the influence of any substance.

If the defendant is found to have failed to employ a reasonable standard of care and harmed you as a result, that defendant will be found to have “breached” the duty of care you are owed. A breach of duty occurred when the bus driver’s negligence led to your injury or the death of a loved one. And there are a number of ways negligence can occur, such as driving while under the influence, driving while fatigued, or driving while distracted.

The next element to prove is causation, which simply means proving your injury was caused by the negligence of the defendant. If you can’t prove the defendant caused your accident, you cannot win your case.

The fourth element is damages or the monetary value applied to your injury and all the accompanying medical expenses, lost wages, emotional trauma, and other difficulties you’re experiencing as a result of your accident. You can’t merely ask for compensation; you’ll have to spell out and prove exactly how much you should get. Your damages have to be carefully and deliberately calculated in order for you to get the maximum amount of restitution you deserve. It may sound harsh, but you’re basically being asked to put a price tag on your suffering and loss.

But you need hard evidence to support that monetary amount, and you can bet the defense will claim you’re asking way too much – that you’re basically begging for a handout. It’s hard enough for a novice lawyer to put a “price tag” on your damages; it’s basically impossible for a layperson. So you need a seasoned bus accident attorney in Dallas to not only determine the accurate amount of your damages but to provide the compelling evidence needed for you to support that demand.

You may be able to obtain damages for pain and suffering, medical expenses, repair bills, lost wages, loss of potential earning capacity, and several other losses you have incurred as the result of the accident. But if you are lacking the necessary evidence, and you can’t make a compelling argument, you won’t get a dime.

Pre-Trial Settlements vs.The Court Process

Your case will have one of two outcomes: you will either reach a settlement with the liable party and avoid a trial, or you will be unable to reach a settlement and your case will have to go to court. There are times where an effective bus accident attorney can reach a just settlement. In this kind of instance, the defendant’s insurance provider will pay a certain monetary amount without being compelled by a judge or jury to do so.

They would rather do this than risk losing substantially more money should they lose a trial. In return, you forfeit your right to sue that insurer for even more money. So it is critical that you understand that, if you agree to an inadequate settlement, that’s it. You have just given up your right to pursue any further legal action.

Sometimes, insurance companies will try and goad you into accepting a smaller settlement just because it’s fast money. You’ve incurred a lot of expenses, so they hope you’ll take the quick check and they can be done with you. They figure you’ll take it even though it won’t come close to covering your expenses because you need the money now. You’d be surprised how many injury victims fall for that ploy.

They will also ask you to sign a document in order to receive that compensation. But that is in the insurer’s best interests – not yours. NEVER agree to any kind of settlement, and NEVER agree to sign anything, without consulting with an experienced attorney first. You shouldn’t even discuss the case with the opposition without having a lawyer present to protect your rights.

Call our attorneys as soon as you possibly 1-800-862-1260 or 972-278-9202. It could make the difference between you getting fair compensation for your accident, and getting nothing at all for the pain or loss you have experienced. We’re available 24 hours a day. We’ll give you a confidential and free consultation and clearly spell out all legal options you may have.

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