Personal Injury Lawyers:
Our Top 3 Goals in a Car Accident Case

The Three Most Important Goals of a Law Firm in an Auto Accident Injury Case

Our firm has represented thousands of clients in accident cases. While we understand that each particular auto accident victim has different needs, we also understand that every car accident victim has the desire to feel that their attorney is diligently working for them. With that in mind, our firm makes a concerted effort to fully inform our clients of the strategy we’ll employ in their cases. Moreover, although our firm understands that although the goals in accident cases are similar, no two cases on the same. Thus, our firm develops a custom plan based on our top three goals in a car accident case when attempting to recover for each of our client’s needs.

Our First Goal: Win Our Client’s Case

Obviously, one of our firm’s primary goals in every auto accident case we take is to win. However, our firm is superior to most other car and truck accident firms because we know how to win even the most complex accident cases. Specifically, other firms lack the resources, knowledge, and experience needed to fully compensate their clients that our firm possesses. While most other firms have good intentions when representing injury victims, they don’t legitimately now how to win a case. On the other hand, our record speaks for itself. Whether you’ve suffered soft tissue injuries or suffered catastrophic life-altering injuries, our attorneys may be able to help.

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Second Goal: We Strive to Make Sure our Clients Feel like They’ve Been Treated Fairly

Our firm is committed to ensuring that our clients feel as if they’ve been treated fairly by being completely transparent through every phase of recovering compensation for their injuries. We do this by not only explaining to our clients how their case works but also by providing detailed information and asking questions every step along the way.

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Specifically, from an initial meeting with a client throughout the entire course of representation, we’ll answer all of our clients’ questions and allow ample time to review and sign necessary documents, all in a no-pressure environment.

Another major step we take to ensure that our clients feel like they’ve been treated fairly is to use all of our resources to ensure they’re fairly compensated for their injuries. We understand that when a car accident victim retains our firm, they trust us with not only navigating them through one of their life’s major crises but that they’re adequately compensated for their injuries. With these responsibilities in mind, our firm fights hard to ensure that our clients are fully compensated for the full extent of their injuries.

Third Goal: We Want to Make Sure That Our Clients Are So Pleased With The Services We Provide That They Recommend Our Firm to Their Family and Friends


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As our firm’s survival in Texas’ legal market is based primarily on referrals to family and friends from past clients we’ve successfully represented, we want to ensure that we represent each client to the full extent of our ability. Specifically, we strive to impart an impression of success and compassion on each of our clients so that when their friends and family are injured by someone else’s negligent actions, they know they have a strong ally on their side.

If you’ve suffered moderate to severe injuries in a car or truck accident while traveling in or around the city, our attorneys may be able to help. For more information regarding our firm’s top three goals when representing accident victims and a free consultation regarding the facts of your case, give one of our experienced accident attorneys a call.

Personal Injury Lawyers:
First Steps in Filing a Car Accident Claim

Important Steps to Take Immediately Following an Accident to Preserve Your Claim 

When you’ve been injured in a car accident resolving your claim will be a process and not a single event. And as with any process, the first few steps are always the most critical. This article will discuss the first steps in starting the car accident claim process.

Step 1: You Should Always Call an Attorney Immediately 

A lawyer is going to be able to advise you with regard to what you should specifically do in your case. You typically only have one shot at doing everything exactly correct so it is important that you have no missteps. By contacting an attorney immediately following the accident you greatly reduce your chances of having invaluable evidence destroyed or lost, and you are better able to meet certain deadlines required by the court. If your evidence is not properly preserved or if it is carelessly discarded your entire personal injury claim could be ruined. And even if you adequately document everything, but fail to adhere to certain deadlines instituted by the courts your claim may be barred.

Step 2: Take as Many Photographs as You Can

If you adequately fulfilled step 1, your attorney should do this for you. He will conduct an analysis of the accident scene and both vehicles, but if you do not immediately call an attorney it is best that you do this yourself. Our best recommendation is to take pictures of everything. Photograph all vehicles involved, buildings, street signs, and lights surrounding the accident. You should take multiple photographs from the perspective of your car and then take multiple shots from the perspective of the defendant’s car. This visual perspective can be crucial in convincing a jury of the defendant’s fault and can greatly increase your chances of financial recovery.

If you are like most of our clients, you are probably too injured to do this yourself. If this is the case, you should have a friend take pictures at the scene of the accident for you. We have even had cases where our clients asked a paramedic to take photographs. Ultimately, it does not matter who you choose to take photos, all that matters is that you have this critical evidence. You should even photograph the defendant’s driver’s license, insurance card, and any other contact information which may be helpful in conducting evidence research later on. The most important thing to remember is: you can never have too many pictures.

Step 3: See a Doctor

The longer you wait between your accident and seeing a doctor, the weaker your claim becomes. You should see a doctor as soon as possible after you have been involved in a car or truck accident. You should immediately go to the emergency room or to see your personal physician after an accident.

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However, it is also important to realize that many injuries caused by a car accident will typically not begin to show symptoms until a day or several days after the initial impact. Therefore, it is important to see a doctor immediately after your accident, but it is just as important to follow up and see the physician again after several days have passed.

Step 4: Set Up an Insurance Claim

Ideally, your attorney should do this for you. You should have as little communication with the insurance company as possible. By immediately contacting our law office we can easily handle all contact and negotiations with the insurance company on your behalf. This allows the process to be much smoother and often results in a faster recovery process. But if you have not contacted an attorney and need to set up an insurance claim, you should only do so after completing the above mentioned steps. You should never speak with an insurance company without first documenting as much evidence as possible about the car accident and being thoroughly evaluated by a physician.

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